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31 Galway Street,
Auckland Central

(09) 303 2541

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Needed a quick bite to eat before a concert on Sunday night, so tried Britomart Country Club. The service was a little cool but quite efficient, and the food was actually quite delicious. Yummy woodfired pizza, and bruschetta with fresh tomato and creamy mozzarella. A nice bar to go to in the middle of the city with plenty of room and a bit of an "outdoor" feel to it.
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Hi,I'm sorry for my broken english, i'm french..So.. my boyfriend and me just got back from this place where we just got treat like shit ! We were having our engagement party with many friends of us but the door guy decided that my boyfriend was not allowed in ( we were not drunk at all, my boyfriend just got out from work, exhausted ). So.. our friends and me were allowed but not him.. Friends went in but my boyfriend and me didn't.. so we tried to get in from an another door, and we had to show the engagement ring we just bought to the the other door man to get in. We got in, we spent around 100 bucks in an hour, stayed in a table talking with our friends, being normal people having drinks etc.. and then, after an hour, the first door men saw us, and went on my boyfriend, very aggressively and put him out of the bar saying the next time he see him, he'll smash his face. I'm a 25 years old woman having my engagement party in a place that i thought will be a " classy " ... " chic " place in Auckland. But this door guy ( i think he was angry and touched in his proud that we got in from another door ) just treat us like the most shit ever. I think i never got treat like that ever, and i'm very shocked considering it was our engagement party and we spent lot of money and we were quiet and "sauge". This place made my engagement party turning to a nightmare. I can't believe what happened. So.. if people spending money there and being normal customers are treat like shit , what happened to the people who actually make trouble ??? Don't even want to know.. THANK YOU to waste one one the supposing most beautiful day in my life. A bon entendeur salut !! hana from paris ( shame on you ) !!
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Reviewer k4renm4c
Went for lunch with a work colleague. Placed order but after an hour of waiting I questioned where our order was as others were served before us. They admitted they had no record of it and hadnt put it through! Wholly unacceptable. Went back to the office hungry and late. Have avoided the Britomart Country Club ever since.
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Britomart Country Club offers a different dining experience in the middle of the city. I have been here twice to dine and my experience has been mostly good. I most recently visited Britomart Country Club with some friends from overseas last Saturday for lunch. It was the perfect location for a comfortable lazy lunch.

Service can be a little slow and not as attentive. But overall, the waitstaff were friendly and happy to attend to your requests when you got their attention.

Drinks-wise, can be a bit of a hit and miss. Have only tried their sangrias and juices. Their sangrias are so-so but their fresh juices are really refreshing, but a little steep for what you get. Perhaps a price to pay for it being "freshly squeezed".

Food is good. I think their strength lies in their pizzas. Haven't tried many of their mains but wasn't too impressed with it previously. They're not too bad, just okay though. Love their calamari and fries.

Overall, a great place for catch up with friends where you can get a decent meal for decent prices. My dining companions were impressed with the place and were happy with their meal. One feedback was that the toilets are a little badly designed as water from the sink splashes everywhere -- so be warned.
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Britomart Country Club has to be one of my favourite bars in Auckland. Classy, yet chilled out. There is a little golf putting area and a petanque area too. Good looking people to talk to, good live music sometimes, and on Sunday nights, they have free movie nights...
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Public Holidays are never the best times to head to the pub but with the World Cup in the bag, a few friends and I decided to head downtown to cheer on Beaver and the boys.
Town was rammed but pleasingly enough it wasn't too busy at Britomart Country Club just after the parade.
Obviously people (for the most) we're in a good mood and that always makes a difference. Staff were also surprisingly buzzy given the workload they would have been under.
Britomart Country Club is one of those places that is ideal for this sort of laid back, hazy afternoon - and it's an Auckland venue that is well worth checking out...just don't wait for a Rugby World Cup victory to do so!
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Reviewer bec123
Booked table and petanque area for birthday celebration - fantastic time had by all. Britomart Country Club is great venue, we ordered a range of pizza's that were just as tasty as they sounded. Later in the day a female waitress told us we weren't in a table service area, till then we'd had a lovely young male waiter taking our drink orders from the table - so don't know if that was crossed wires or extra special service from the waiter?! Bar service took longer, but the Britomart Country Club was packed pre rugby games. Great atmosphere - loved the Pimms. Will be back!!
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Reviewer kat2010
We were realllllly disappointed with the service! Britomart Country Club is a great concept, and the space is awesome, but.... honestly 8 staff to no more than 8 tables on a late Friday lunch and the service was a baby step away from serving yourself. Every single wait staff member seemed to be preoccupied with either flirting with the bar staff (back turned to the floor), or chatting with friends. Having worked hospo in the past myself, I am well aware of the issues that surround change of shift in the mid to late afternoon, but this was ridiculous. We were seated and orders taken initially for nibbles and a drink, indicating table service, but were then pretty much abandoned for the next 2 hours.NOT A PLACE I WOULD EVER TAKE A CLIENT!and frankly not a place I intend on returning to any time soon.... Britomart Country Club sort out your staff! That includes the floor manager who should be vaguely observant. We seriously would have spent almost twice as much if someone had bothered to ask, just once (in 2 hours), if we would like another drink, or something else to eat....we were willing customers, but after many failed attempts at catching an eye, we found ourselves asking for a drink at the bar...we had long since lost the appetite that had us pondering further food, and then 'one for the road' became almost impossible so we opted to leave.The bill was incorrectly calculated, but we were not aware until after we had paid as a bill was never offered to review prior to the eftpos transaction. Worth the hassle to point it out....hell no!
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