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After successes in Wanaka and Queenstown, the Botswana Butchery team head north to give Aucklanders a taste of the food, hospitality and experiences that have made their South Island ventures a highlight of the local eating scene.

Located in the historic Ferry Buildings in what was formerly Cin Cin, Botswana Butchery offers great food in a relaxed dining environment where the emphasis is on enjoyment.

Good food, a great NZ orientated wine list and a superb setting - just three reasons Aucklanders hould book a place at Botswana Butchery soon.

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Daily 11.00-23.00
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Metro Top 50 - 2012
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Reviewer donutsam
Had a working lunch here and really enjoyed it. The menu was quite different to what I had in mind before, and thinking back it did appear a rather odd mix of cuisines. However, I really enjoyed the dishes that were ordered and the service levels were very good considering the restaurant was full. I'm told the steak dishes were great and I enjoyed my duck pancakes - do be sure to order a few sides to ensure you leave full.
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This is my 2nd visit to Botswana Butchery which I will always look forward to, its a great place to go for a celebration starting with a nice wine in the bar, not too many restaurants now days have a totally seperate bar area. Usually there is a lack of space and drinks have to be had at your table.

There is certainly a section on the menu entitled "From the butcher's block" - half a dozen steaks but I chose from the regular menu and had just a main as from learning from my last trip I did'nt manage 2 courses with a big drinking night to ensue. The Slow cooked shortrib, stout and oxtail sauce with caramelised carrot, shallot marmalade, spinach mousse and wild mushrooms was absolutely succulent, moist and fall off the bone delicious. With some sides of beans it was more than enough. I highly recommend this dish.

The handsome, aesthetically eclectic refit - bold lampshades, padded leather walls and sofas on the terrace - makes the most of the sensational setting. But Botswana Butchery is in a part of town where there is pretty stiff competition. So I think they should keep up the good service and the great food as I have heard a few reviews that are not perfect.

A friend we dine with regularly that also chose this restaurant on this particular night loves his steak so I am sure we will dine here many times to come.
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I don't mourn Cin Cin because there is something great in its place - Botswana Butchery complete with whimsical meat-cleaver handles on the main doors. My group of 11 were shown upstairs to our own private area that looked over the water – really quite magical!

I already knew that when I perused the menu again (having already checked it out on the website) that there wouldn't be offerings of pieces of bloody meat on a butchers block. Although a section on the menu entitled "From the butcher's block" did serve great offerings of 'cooked' steak.

I read a negative review from when Botswana first opened and I didn't agree with it at all so I think they have upped their game.

For my starter I chose the Chicken San Choy Bow. It was fresh and tasty, but not quite as perfect as the Vietnamese equivalent as far as authenticity. All starters were very generous.

I enjoyed the Lamp Special although at $45 I thought it was a little extreme considering their regular Lamb on the menu was $36.95 – definitely nothing special about $45. It came with roast potatoes, crispy beans & a lovely jus. It was a knockout be it an expensive knockout! My friends dishes all looked lovely and everyone seemed to enjoy their choices – feedback was all positive.

A few of us had eyes bigger than our bellies and ordered desserts. One of my friends and I couldn't decide on one so we dedcided to share the Lime Cheesecake with wild berry sorbet in a white chocolate soup and the selection of chocolate Petits Fours. The cheesecake was interesting but I could take or leave the Petits Fours, they seemed store bought and nothing special.

The waiter was tentative and knowledgeable, be it a little arrogant. And the handsome, aesthetically pleasing refit - bold lampshades and padded leather walls - makes the most of the sensational setting.
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Reviewer paulus
I had read up a lot on Botswana Butchery a lot before last week's visit with a supplier so was braced for a fairly negative experience judging by the reviews all over the place.
What I did receive however was a fantastic experience and there were certainly a lot of people on this particular visit that seemed to be enjoying the same level of satisfaction.
As the supplier was paying didn't go all out but the Wakanui beef cheek was exceptional - more people should be truing these cuts because they're just so darn good.
It is expensive but it is a dining experience worthwhile. Will be back to Botswana Butchery.
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Reviewer Baz
Overpriced and underwhelming.

There is much better value for money at other restaurants in Auckland than Botswana Butchery.
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Reviewer Lizard
Have been to Botswana Butchery twice now, hoping it would live up to the fantastic reputation set by its Queenstown sister (at which I've had a couple of exceptional dining experiences).

Both Auckland visits have disappointed sorely: service, professionalism, food and atmosphere all lacking. My last visit here was a little over a week ago where I discovered a live worm (yes, you read that correctly!) in a side salad. Now I know these things do occasionally happen, however while the offending dish and my unfinished plate (which I was eating off) were whisked away and another meal quickly delivered - what really astounded was that when it came time for my colleague to settle the bill, Botswana Butchery tried to charge him for the side salad plus my unfinished/inedible meal. The front desk had zero idea this incident had happened.

Absolutely appalling for a "first class" restaurant in Auckland. Definitely would NOT recommend.
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Reviewer Claudia229
After reading so many bad reviews of Botswana Butchery, we were not excepting a great night, but we were pleasantly surprised, by the friendly and helpful staff. We started at the bar, and the drinks were ordered and brought to us very quickly, once they were finish we had the waiter at the table asking if we wanted more. Once we were seated, the wine waiter was very helpful with the selection of wines for the table, and the waitress was excellent with helping us with what was best on the menu. The food was wonderful and the steak was cooked to perfection. The only downside of Botswana Butchery was the price of the sides and the size of them, not really value for money, and $2.50 for sauce or butter on your steak, it should be part of the price. Overall great night.
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Reviewer peachie
This place is such a disappointment. The Queenstown version of Botswana Butchery is great; but this one bears no resemblance other than in name. The service is humourless, unhelpful and SLOW, but that could all be forgiven if the food was delicious. But sadly it is far from it. The menu sounds delicious, but after two visits it seems that overcooked meat is far too common to be acceptable in a place like this, the sides are mean and measly portions, and it's far too expensive for what you get. I wanted Botswana Butchery to work being in such a great spot and with such a good reputation, but unfortunately it doesn't live up to its billing of a high end experience and you wouldn't go out of your way to try it.
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We took clients - from Sydney - for dinner and on arrival were seated on the table next to the loo, despite another table for 5 near the window with a view (and away from the toilet) still being empty (they arrived about an hour after us). Probably my first pet hate is not sitting people at the best tables based on the order they arrive rather than whether you recognise their name on the reservations list or not - I did have a reservation. It was Saturday night and the stream of people to the toilet was continuous - not until later when we asked whether it was the only toilet did the waitress say "oh no, there are much nicer ones upstairs" but never once directed any of the people queuing next to our table up there. By the end of the night the condition of the bathroom was quite poor - no toilet paper, dirty floor and smelly. We started off well albeit a little slowly, having to ask if we could order drinks for the people on our table not having champagne after it had been poured and the waiter had moved on. Ok, maybe he thought they were non-drinkers but we had asked for a wine list. The Botswana Butchery menu reads well but the chicken san choi bow was on limp lettuce leaves and had far too much sauce - it was dark and very strong and reminiscent of a cheap Chinese takeaway. Not what I expected. The sashimi was nice. Two of our four steaks were overcooked (we all ordered medium rare but two were well done). As the mains had taken an hour to arrive - waitstaff kept apologising for the delay - our guests decided not to send them back to the kitchen. Embarrassing for us. The snapper came grilled on a big white plate for $35 - no condiments or anything. How hard to add a nice big wedge of lemon or something? I guess they'll charge you $2.50 for it though. Seriously $2.50 for sauce when ordering a $35 - $49 steak?! Nothing comes free at Botswana Butchery, including service.I could go on. It was pretty average, nowhere near on par with Queenstown where I have eaten prev
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Reviewer StephS
Was very much looking forward to dinner with friends from Sydney at Botswana. We had dined at the Queenstown one and were impressed. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for Auckland. I felt like they think they can get away with sub standard food and service because of their rep in Queenstown. The service was poor, on several occasions the waiter getting our requests wrong. It is very expensive, for relatively average food. And the bathroom by the end of the evening, having run out of toilet paper but 9pm, looked like a toilet from the Loaded Hog on a Sat night. It was not pretty, and this was just from over use as only one toilet downstairs for whole restaurant. Yes there were more upstairs apparently, but when there is one right by your tables why would I venture upstairs?
So on the whole, I was very disappointed as was very much looking forward to our night out. Also I'm embarrassed that our Sydney friends think I think that's one of our best. Plus we are out of pocket $250! per couple!!
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Reviewer TheJC
Great steaks, cooked perfectly. Friendly waitstaff. Would give Botswana Butchery 4.5 if I could, just lost half a point as we were looking around for a waiter on a couple of occasions.
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Reviewer Foodiewannabe
Whenever we are in Queenstown I eat at that Botswana Butchery as the location, food, wine and service are all worth the money. However, our first experience at the Auckland restaurant has made me not want to eat at a BB again.

We were at the restaurant with friends who were celebrating a very special occasion and we started by ordering a bottle of Champagne to get started. As we started into the bubbles the waitress informed us that the dining slot was only two hours and we would only have enough time to fit in two courses, although the website states "Botswana Butchery is all about relaxed, fun dining in a premium atmosphere"

The entrees were reasonable but the duck rolls were no more exciting than our local Chinese takeaway and a bit dry, but with the premium price tag.

For my main I ordered the venison and asked the chef to prepare as he chooses and I was surprised it came out well done, which was my fault for not being specific, but a surprise to have a top chef prepare venison well-done (deliberate or not).

As we came to the end of the mains a different waitress attended and checked if our meals had been OK and offered a free desert as a replacement (hint, best to check people are happy with their meals early in the piece, but I was thankful for the offer nonetheless).

As we had already overstayed our time limit and been disappointed we decided to take our desert bill to another restaurant, where we enjoyed an unhurried evening - $250 Botswana Butchery did not put in their till.

Recommendation: if you are going to pay fine dining prices than go somewhere like French Cafe, The Grove, Merediths, Clooney or Euro
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Reviewer suet
Went to Botswana Butchery on Thursday evening 19th with a group from Dunedin who just raved about the Botswana Butchery in Queenstown so you can imagine our excitement and expectation of a really pleasant dining experience. What a let down! The staff were friendly and efficient but their best efforts were undermined by what appeared to be a touch of island time syndrome-you may know this as the Bula Bula approach to hospitality. More importantly, the cuisine was very mundane considering the prices they charge. My venison was way overdone as was my wife's seared tuna. There were similar comments from others in my group but it is not for me to quote them. To continue posing as a peer of the several top restaurants in that part of town, they really need to look at getting their act together and if he hasn't already, the head chef should conduct an in depth appraisal of his team.
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Reviewer Louie
My Botswana Butchery experience was a mixed bag. Thankfully we were with good company and so conversation wasn't a problem because we had a long wait to firstly at the bar, then at the table to order food - receive it and then get dessert menus. The staff were nice, food was good (delicious steak - tops) and so was the wine. It is at the higher end price bracket Lovely setting and the ambiance was good too.
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Reviewer citykid
Have to agree with the majority of comments here about Botswana Butchery. The design and setting inspired (especially the wine shelves), the food good but not exceptional, but unfortunately thought the service wasn't where it should be.
I had the fillet mignon with the mushroom and cognac sauce and a side beetroot salad. Both were great although thought the sauce could be a bit more robust.
Dessert of the peanut brittle and chocolate mousse was really good although I did have food envy with the creme brulee - awesome.
One thing about Botswana Butchery that pretty much can't be beaten - the wine list - top draw and these guys must be commended.
Botswana Butchery is a nice addition to the Auckland dining scene and Im sure will do well.
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Reviewer Aernout
Very disappointing dining experience....
4 people sat down, 1 hour later...3 of us were eating 1 was forced to wait 10 minutes before he could eat, his food simply wasn't ready yet.
Waitresses were lovely, but poor value for money, impressive winelist and prices. All the rest..I'd rather cook my dinner at home!

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Reviewer Orientalkiwi
Went there for lunch. 4 of us for a big boozy business lunch, celebrating the completion of a deal.

Sat down, we were not advised of any specials or entrees... lucked our way into bluff oysters after cheekily asking if any were available. Could have easily lost out on selling 2 dozen if we hadn't had enquired!

One of our partners ordered the sashimi (didn't feel like steak)... was assured it was a main size serving. There were probably 9 pieces of sashimi on the plate? For $25, it was disappointing, especially as we had enquired if it were a main or not.

3 steaks were ordered. 2 were perfectly cooked. The third (rump) was overcooked.

We spoke to a waitress and a second waiter - was assured someone would come back and respond to our concern, no one did.

Wine was good. Was a shame the cork broke halfway being pulled out... bits of cork floating in my wine is not ideal, especially if it was a $70 bottle.

All in all - teething problems, but it is pricey. Would I go back? Hmmm... only if I wasn't paying. No tip left due to the above.
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Reviewer hospoqueen
I was lucky enough to be invited to opening night for the Botswana Butchery and I'm still buzzing.
I was initially sad to see Cin Cin close it's doors but when I had heard the southern culinary institution was heading north, my day was made.
The Botswana Butchery team stick to the knitting - Stuart Rogan brings together great, flavoursome food in surprisingly relaxed surroundings and tops that off with a wine list to die for. I can see Botswana Butchery doing well in Auckland, even with all the local competition. Well done and good luck guys.
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Reviewer southernbelle
Good luck with the opening guys! I can't wait for Aucklanders to get a taste of Botswana Butchery - jafas will be impressed I'm sure! I've been craving your venison for quite some time so more of the same please here! I for one will be one of the Botsy's first patrons when it opens.
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Reviewer Anonymous
Sad to see Cin Cin on Quay closed down, but also really looking forward to it's replacement opening sometime in March 2012 - Botswana Butchery! Heard good things about their Queenstown restaurant - finally getting an Auckland one!
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