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65 Davis Crescent,
Lumsden Green,

(09) 520 0865

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Reviewer food4thought
I went there for lunch one day and ordered a beef burger and a flat white. It was busy that day but the FOH staff where rude and the milk in my coffee tasted reheated - not impressed! Now the burger came out with a smile on the waitress' face presented well on the plate, decent size too. After taking a bite I almost spat it out, patty tasted foul possibly frozen..I would recommend going somewhere else for lunch unless someone is holding a gun to your head.
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Reviewer Kat.Santeiro
Me and my boyfriend decided to have lunch here as we went strolling around newmarket to shop for house furnitures. A quiet peaceful eatery is what we were after. We checked the specials board and was quite impressed at the selection and price. So I ordered the pasta specials and my bf orders the steak sandwich. Both our meals arrived quickly, but i wasnt happy with my pasta as it is tasteless with runny cream and flat. No flavour or seasonings what so ever. My Bfs steak sandwich was ok apart from the chips that was soggy and the bread being stale. Im sorry Bistro 65, But I will not be back. This is beyond believe, and I lost my appetite.
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Reviewer Benny
I was a regular visitor for most of last year because i worked at newmarket area. They used to served superb food, lunches and coffee last year. So decided to bring family for Brunch and i was shocked at the lack of standards nowadays. We ordered big breakfast ,eggs pacific and my cousin ordered beef burger from the specials board. I expected the same excellent standard as last year but its not the case, as my mums eggs bene was hard boiled and she said the hollandaise looked watery. (Not to mention the meals arrived at almost 40 mins late). Will not return sorry, this is ridiculous.
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Reviewer J2JT
Wednesday 15th December 2010!!!My friend and I are frequent visitors to Bistro 65. Our company is in Newmarket, so we go to different places for lunch. We have enjoyed some meals there in the past for their $12 lunch deals. BUT THIS IS THE LAST MEAL I”LL HAVE THERE AGAIN! BOTH MY FRIEND AND I (we will let others know as well!)We went today for lunch, and i ordered Fish n Chips. The batter was thick, not well seasoned and more importantly not cooked right through on one side of the fish.I had told the person at the counter to let him know that the batter was too heavy and not cooked not in a rude manner either. (just a quiet word etC) I then have the manager who came to meet us in such a hostile manner and said “WELL WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME WHEN I ASKED YOU!” I only realised this upon eating my meal nearly to the end of the meal (that the batter wasn’t cooked properly)But i didn’t stay to protest. I thought that was quite rude we just walked away. I personally thought this should’ve really been taken in as some constructive critisicm so it doesn’t happen for others.And to let the kitchen know.The manager and her staff look so unhappy and stressed!! They don’t look like they want to be there. The food industry is all about Customer Service. I’ve been in this industry for years. And they’re really losing the basics!!! Of giving a smile and showing a hospitable nature!They really need to learn a lesson as to why Archies…the neighbouring restaurant are still so succesful! We always go to Archies but we thought we’d have a change today.But we will definitely not return – EVER!!!We will let others at our company know that it’s such a HORRIBLE PLACE TO BE AT!!!NEVER AGAIN!They really should come on one of those Restaurant shows to show how they can improve (IMMENSELY) in ****CUSTOMER SERVICE 101!!!****
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Reviewer lizzietlo
I agree with J2JT's review. The first time I went there with my sister, the meals were fresh and delicious (fish 'n' chips and steak sandwich), and the waiter friendly.
But the second time I went there with a friend, her fish 'n' chips were overdone; I had the beef burger, and the beef patty looked a bit dodgy - unevenly cooked - like it'd been cooked straight from frozen.
I also had the same impression about the manager, whom I'd read about in the local paper, in which she'd appeared to be friendly and professional.
I'm glad I went to 215 Bistro for my milestone birthday - lovely, helpful staff, and cheerful!

Re Archies, I think the pizza's are your best bet.
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