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Review byCandice Reed20/02/2010
When I was in Rome I stumbled across a small authentic pizzeria in a piazza tucked away from the usual tourist traps. After a day of trampling all over the vast city my travelling buddy and I were exhausted and so decided to take refuge in the tiny restaurant. We were ushered to one of four tables, poured a rather grande glass of vino rosso and gestured to wait by the owner.

Neither of us even glanced at a menu or placed an order, but soon our sense of smell was overwhelmed with fresh herbs and melting mozzarella. Seconds later two of the most delicious pizzas I’ve ever eaten were placed in front of us and we were encouraged to eat, and well, as the saying goes ... when in Rome ...!

I was reminded of this story when my large Parmese pizza was placed in front of me and a generous Contadina pizza was placed in front of my partner at Al Volo recently. I retold the tale as we enjoyed the extraordinarily similar quality food at the pizzeria in Mt Eden.

Al Volo is about as authentic a pizzeria as you will find in New Zealand. Using genuine imported ingredients like flour and mozzarella from Italy, Al Volo just emanates a sense of Italy as soon as you walk in. The wood fired oven works overtime as order after order is placed through by those eating in, those taking away and phone orders.

My partner and I were eating in this particular night, and although the dining area doesn’t offer much in scenery with its chic red plastic chairs and black dining tables, it makes up for deficit on menu.

There’s over 30 different pizzas on offer, plus focaccia bread and three different calzones to choose from. Pizza toppings range from the standard mozzarella, ham, mushroom, olives and other cheeses to chicken, spicy sausage, zucchini, egg plant, artichokes and asparagus. All the pizzas are thin based and the size of a large round dinner plate, approximately 30 centimetres, and range in price from $13 to $28.

My Parmese pizza ($27) was topped with mozzarella, Italian parma prosciutto and roquette, while my partener’s Contadina ($23) was topped with mozzarella, asparagus, egg and parmigiano cheese. I struggled to finish mine and took the three left-over pieces home for lunch the next day, but my partner was able to finish his on the night.

The staff are helpful, young and fresh who don’t impact on your experience at Al Volo with unnecessary interruptions and are aptly led by the hardworking Giampiero De Falco who welcomes everyone to his restaurant with a warm smile.

For the best authentic pizza in town, or the country, give Al Volo’s a go. You might just be surprised at the quality of pizza readily available to us here in Auckland.

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