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27 Galway Street,
Auckland Central

(09) 551 3100

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Reviewer Nick_prasadio
To sum up the many great nights i have had at this fantastic bar a 5 star rating is needed.
This bar has a very upmarket feel without the upmarket prices. Great drinks selection and experienced bar staff make this bar impeccable.
The atmosphere is stunning with a consistent theme carried throughout the entire venue and the large space makes it break for all occasions.
Every time i have gone to this place the music is always lively, fresh and clean with great DJ's who know how to build up a crowd.
All in all, this is a great place for a night out or even a place to drink and unwind after work. Once you try it, your sure to be back again.
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Reviewer sunandstars
I have been to 1885 Britomart many a time, and I can say that this is one of the best bars in Auckland. Great atmosphere and vibe. The drink prices are a little higher, but 1885 isn't a cheaply fit-out corner pub either. So, that being said, the prices are fairly reasonable. It's always fun, and the service is fantastic. I've never had trouble being served by a bartender. But then again, I don't come up to the bar flailing my hands, waving money, tapping, gesturing, flagging down the bartenders, and/or shouting for service. That being said, it can get very busy and overcrowded, which is a good or bad thing, depending on who you are. Overall, I'd definitely recommend 1885.
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I was down at 1885 last weekend and had a great time. Started in the foyer where we were served by a friendly foreign barman who was more than happy to help us. Had a bit of a dance before a friend took us downstairs where the lovely Anna made us a couple of tasty berry cocktails and we were on our way. I read that previous review for 1885 Britomart and after going in, it's shit. And you're shit "Can we please have the bouncers go through an IQ test? And yes race/etc does have some association to macho attitudes (and the notion that they are weilding god's power by allowing who they want into the club) - and this is coming from a Polynesian." and racist.
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Its a great venue, no doubt about that but that's where the rainbow ends unfortunately.Agree with the sentiments provided from most of the reviewers about 1885. Had a friend (male) go to the bar to buy drinks for our group of approx 7 ppl (so easily looking at spending over $100 which we are fine with given the venue etc) - after watching him for a good 8 - 9 mins trying to get attention from the absolutely useless barstaff, I sent my hot girlfriend to give him a hand and lord behold... she took the cash that he was waving around and was served in under 10 seconds.Now that would be ok if we had gotten the drinks we had ordered - and yes 1885 does NOT stock CC's cause we asked for that and got something completely different (not being told and after querying being told it was some other version of whiskey?!?)Can we please have the bouncers go through an IQ test? And yes race/etc does have some association to macho attitudes (and the notion that they are weilding god's power by allowing who they want into the club) - and this is coming from a Polynesian. To the management - read this reviewhttp://www.nzherald.co.nz/lifestyle/news/article.cfm?c_id=6&objectid=10791516#Sums it up pretty well? Get the barstaff to drop the attitude and the bouncers to grow a brain and that will go a long way to making your establishment more classy. And if you don't then you are obviously only as good as the people you employ. Good luck.
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Reviewer NRAM
We have recently came to 1885 Britomart as my friend bought a voucher-deal for 2 glasses of wine and a snack. I was going to get some cocktail, but we were refused to use the voucher by the bar staff. The reason given was that this “offer” is valid only till 7pm ???(which is not written! on the voucher and, therefore, already misleading) and that this “till 7pm only” deal was advertised on their website... which I checked, but found nothing of course.I don’t mind even against bad service, but paying $$$ for something that is not delivered and also on top of it paying for “being and IDIOT” – it is beyond my understanding. I wouldn’t go to that bar, if it wasn’t for my friend. Interesting, that the bar was quite empty (it was around 9pm) and the tone & attitude of the “bar girl” was quite disturbing and unfriendly. Very similar to one of the reviews I have read above.1885 bar, please do not make deals, that you cannot deliver!!! It is misleading & false advertising!!Also, I’ve noticed that after first one star review there suddenly were 4 or 5 stars reviews with kind of “common” statement that the bar is “cool”. To me they look like they are made by the bar itself. Well, I guess the staff can “enjoy” the perfect quiet atmosphere in posh Britomart, after the completed mission - get rid of the customers.
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Reviewer saraha
Worst service. I went to 1885 Britomart with a collegue around 8pm on a Wednesday night and stood at the bar trying to get a bartenders attention. There were three of them, one other person in the bar. They were more interested in chatting to each other down the back of the bar than serving us. Catching their eye didnt work, waving didnt work, saying excuse me didnt work - one of them even walked right past us and still ignored us.
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Reviewer eventgoer
Very disappointed by this bar. Far too expensive, music too loud, too crowded, and the bouncers are absolutely terrible and rude. Watched NZ win the RWC at 1885 Britomart, and wish I had finished up a great RWC tournament in a better venue.
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Reviewer missLD
When I entered 1885 Britomart I thought this was a very stylish cool bar., it was a bit crowded but that's to be expected. I decided to order a drink at the bar outside in the middle (very cool idea) but after ordering here is where my experience went down hill....they had hardly any selection for me to order so I ordered a shot for my friend and a house Sav for me and then the lady asked for $12, I was like wow that was cheap for 2 drinks, the I only got the wine, I said what about the shot? they said oh well you have to pay for that....um I thought that was what I was doing, no that will be another $9...ok fine! but $12 for a house wine???? what??? The lady behind the bar (who was very rude and obviously thought she was better then me said) yes "honey your in Britomart now, maybe you should go back to neighbourhood bar" I honestly have never been taken back by surprise like that, how rude of her to say that to me and the wine tasted horrible like in was old definitely not like a Sav....so after this experience I have been so put off and maybe I will go to neighbourhood bar as they were a lot nicer to me there. I will never forget this experience and hope no one else ever gets treated like this!
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