View's Guide To Daily Deals

View's Guide To Daily Deals

If you haven't heard about the latest craze in online shopping, where have you been? Inboxes around Auckland fill up around 7:30 each morning with limited time only deals that can range from discount bar tabs to horse riding lessons to teeth whitening. Yes, sometimes the deals are a bit rubbish, or irrelevant or downright bizarre (a pot of Gehwol anyone?) but it doesn't matter because 24 hours later it starts all over again. This is consumerism in the age of the short attention span and it's taking off.

So that you can get the best deals in Auckland, here's a handy guide to the main players in the daily deals world:

Part of the Yellow Group, Groupy offers 3 deals per day with a strong emphasis on dining out and wellbeing. Recent Groupy offerings have included hotel escapes, food and beverage vouchers and teeth whitening (the latter knocked down by 67%!) and the companies onboard all seem of a high standard. Groupy is also one of the only deal sites to state how many vouchers are left rather than keeping it secret. A definite one to add to your mailing list

Grab One gives probably the most variety each day with 4 different deals, usually including at least one food deal and one health and beauty. The Auckland locations vary which is something to keep an eye out for (it may be an awesome deal on a full-body massage but if it's in Botany and you're on the Shore...) but generally a good range on offer at some great prices.

A recent addition to the deals field, Treat Me is an offshoot of Trade Me and focuses on just one deal per day. In the first week, these deal include $1 burgers from Burger Fuel (the 20000 of which sold out by mid morning), coffee and car services. The food and drinks offers seem to be most popular here... maybe a car service isn't quite the right target market here? Would like to see more deals per day please!

Less region-specific than the other websites, 1-Day gives shoppers the chance to purchase items directly rather than through a voucher system, and as such doesn't do experience. However, they do sell $11 'Bags of Crap', where it's pure pot-luck what you get but with a possible top value of $1000. Or a couple of chocolate bars and a power plug.

Daily Do offers up only one Auckland deal a day and they can be a bit offbeat (going from cakes to stressbuster workshops to adult store vouchers!) but when they hit the mark, the deals are pretty good. Not the prettiest of sites but OK for the occasional bargain.

Launched in late March, Cudo is an Australian brand that has been brought to New Zealand by Mediaworks, who also own TV3 and FOUR (so expect lots of cross-advertising with Carly Flynn as the face of it). They kicked off their Auckland site with a 50% off cupcakes deal - this seems a bit weak for the first ever deal, so we look forward to seeing more substantial offers coming soon.

What great deals have you got through a daily deal email? Let us know HERE

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