Rainbow’s End

Rainbow’s End

“I can’t talk. I’ve screamed so much, my throat is sore.” Not exactly the result I’d expected from a fun day out with the kids, but let’s not complain about unexpected bonuses.

It was the Fearfall that did it. Locked into an open-air cart, my two teenage charges were slowly lifted to the top of a massive vertical column that’s about 18-floors high.

I think the first one started screaming at the ten metre mark (that was on the slow upward rise), but it’s actually the return trip that’s the real hell raiser.

Reaching the top of the Fearfall’s column, it’s not hard to guess what’s about to happen. And happen it does. Quickly.

Hitting speeds of up to 80km an hour, it takes mere seconds to descend. Lost in action somewhere near the top of the ride, it takes a few ticks longer for your stomach to slump back into its rightful position.

Not all rides at Rainbow’s End, just across the road from Westfield Shopping Centre in Manukau City, Auckland, are like this. In fact, the variety is ideal for a family outing.

There’s the standard selection of kiddies rides: bumper boats, can-am cars, pirate ship (don’t try that with a belly full of food), the log flume, a roller coaster, cinema—and more.

In total, Rainbow’s End has 15 rides and attractions, eight places to eat, sideshows, a live show stage and an arcade scattered across its 23 acre park.

It was a great day out, although a tad expensive. With two 14 year olds, plus two adults, we forked out $156 in entry fees. That gave us all day access to the park’s rides, but it was still a costly way to share a bit of family time, particularly when we’d made the mistake of arriving around 1pm.

Rainbow’s End does offer family discounts (but your kids need to be 13 or under) and it sometimes gives discounts to pre-booked schools, sports teams and youth groups.

Tip for the budget conscious: take your own food, and to get your money’s worth, hit the park when the gates open at 10.00am.

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