Auckland Stardome Observatory

Auckland Stardome Observatory

Thanks to the foresight of early local astronomers, those who look skyward in Auckland can observe the southern sky in all its glory.

Located within Auckland’s largest centrally located park area, the Auckland Stardome Observatory is situated on the south side of One Tree Hill; one of Auckland's volcanic cones and most prominent natural landmarks.

Attracting over 55,000 visitors a year, the Auckland Stardome Observatory is a major attraction for star gazers, budding astronomers and inter-stellar fanciers.

Enter the Stardome Observatory—an all-sky 360º panoramic theatre—and you’ll enjoy a multimedia experience featuring 3,500 brilliant stars, delivered via special effects projectors linked with stunning digital surround sound.

Be prepared to be whisked away on a space journey to explore other galaxies. The furthest reaches of the universe may be 14 billion light-years away, but the Stardome team can take you there in five minutes.

And to complete your galactic experience, cop an eyeful of the skies with the help of an array of powerful telescopes (weather permitting).

On a clear evening you may get the chance to spot other planets, double stars, glowing gas nebulae, or lunar craters through the observatory’s telescopes.

Spanning more than 1,000 square metres, the facility boasts two telescope domes and a planetarium. The observatory has three primary functions—public outreach, education and research projects that include the exploration of asteroids.

With an ever changing program of planetarium shows, and the occasional musical performance under the stars, boredom is certainly not an option at the Auckland Stardome Observatory.

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