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Toy Story 3
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well worth watching, usually trilogies just aren't' worth the time but this kept the whole family thoroughly entertained the whole way through, good job pixar!
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Took my 3.5 year old son last week, he and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Lots of action which the 3 year old enjoyed and there was also a lot of funny parts for the adults to enjoy too
It is a tearjerker though so take your tissues.
They're not just toys, they're our friends :)
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Reviewer Anonymous
Rarely are sequels better than the originals, and there are certainly few trilogies which get better with each entry, however Toy Story has managed the impossible. Continuing Pixar's spotless track record the renowned animation studio returns for what may prove to be their best film to date. The first Toy Story movie came out in 1995, a whopping 15 years before the final entry in the trilogy, not that the delay seems to have stymied either the quality or the popularity of the franchise. Apparently exit polling done in the States shows that about half of the film's audience are teenagers, presumably those who grew up with the first two films and wanting to find out how it all ends. This makes a lot of sense because while the film references the last two, it firmly plants the story in today's world, complete with eBay and iPods.

The story follows our familiar toy friends facing the fact that their owner Andy is grown up and heading to college. Dealing with themes of abandonment and the inevitability of passing time with just the right balance of humour and care as only Pixar can achieve, the film can have you laughing off your chair, and crying your eyes out within five minutes. This ability to incite such an emotional response in it's adult audience is testament to the skill of Pixar of being able to make children's films that are equally as enjoyable for grown ups. Unlike every other animated film released so far this year Toy Story 3 feels like a cinematic event, and you get the feeling you are witnessing the end of something great, and it's just that idea that the film deals with so beautifully. Laugh and cry, take your kids, this is one movie you should not miss.
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Reviewer Jess Cann
Beautiful ending to one of the most well-loved franchises ever. There were so many teary moments, Lee Unkrich has done an amazing job at tying up loose ends for not only the Toys, but us 90s kids who have been there from the beginning.
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Reviewer legs
Can not wait for Toy Story 3. Will be a definite for the kids and me. Best babysitting idea ever. 2 hours of down time watching the toys go at it. Is Tom Cruise in it? Saw some pics of him doing stunts the other day.
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