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This Means War
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Reviewer tactilefog
This Means War is possibly the worst movie of the year. It's boring, unfunny and the actors are criminally bad.
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I found This Means War very entertaining with lots of laughs.

Yes, the movie was rather ridiculous in its plot.. and rather dumb.. But, it did its job - entertain me.

If you're like me, where you and watch a movie with no expectation and just for entertainment, then you probably will enjoy it.

It was funny (well, must've been cause I wasn't the only one laughing in the cinema..) with some smart lines, had a bit of action and eye candy - both for men and women (or so I thought..).

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Reviewer HappyMe
Excellent movie - funny in places and plenty of action. The relationship between the 2 women and the 2 men was comical in places - a must see if you're looking for something different from the norm.
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