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Review byMatthew Turner18/10/2000

With an all star British cast (Geena McKee, Ray Winston and Robert Carlyle) and a wonderfully whimsical storyline this should be a hit.

But with youngsters clamouring for special effects, special effects and more special effects it’s unlikely Jimmy Grimble is going to get a look in.

Shame really as it’s a great story – Jimmy Grimble the hero of the piece is having a bit of a ‘mare. His mum’s got a sod of a new boyfriend, he’s ‘at that age’ and he can only put his football expertise into practice when there’s no-one looking!

However every cloud has a silver lining and his luck takes a remarkable change for the better when a mysterious, homeless woman hands him a pair of ‘magic’ football boots.

The film leaves you with that feel good glow British film makers seem so good at (think Full Monty) as well as reminding anyone old enough to drink in pubs what a harsh time adolescence was.

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