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The World's End
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This film brings a nostalgia for Shaun of the dead and Hot Fuzz. It is witty and funny and also follows in the same footsteps as the others with the cult following and witty humour.
The goal is to complete a pub crawl that the protagonist started during his last year of school with his group of friends. He some how manages to rope them all in to doing it again, twenty years later and what ensues is just a series of laughs and unexpected turns. Great movie, really worth a watch.
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This is probably one of the most surprising films I have ever seen. The plot is such that you do not expect much sense to it all - an English Peter Pan approaching 40, Gary King, miraculously persuades his school mates to go on a massive pub crawl in their hometown that they never finished the first time round 20-odd years ago. Then it just goes from improbable to completely nuts - not giving it away but anyone who's seen the trailer will know what I mean.

I expected a Shaun of the Dead/ Hot Fuzz-type flick with a cult mindlessness and humour to it but not much else. However, this is a lot more. There's nostalgia, there's frustration with the modern world, the issues of friendship and loyalty. Should we be looking back or looking ahead? Eternal questions really. And I will be thinking about the final of World's End for a while. This is what good films do - ask the questions, not give the answers.

I want to re-watch the first 2 films of the trilogy now. Was there a philosophical edge to those too but I didn't notice at the time? Have the makers of the trilogy grown up or have I?
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