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The Sorcerer's Apprentice
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Reviewer NessLiddell
For the record I would like to say that I hate the way many movies portray Morgana Le Fey as this absolutely evil sorceress. Personally, I prefer the way that she was portrayed in the book the ‘Mists of Avalon’. Although, I suppose for this movie to work there had to be good and evil.

I do not think that I have watched a Nicholas Cage movie since the disaster that was The Wicker Man. Suffice to say The Sorcerer’s Apprentice was a pleasant surprise.

I have always loved Cage as an actor and he normally delivers pretty quirky or crazy characters and as Balthazar; for the most part he delivers. His character serves up some serious, witty and romantic moments. At times you get the feeling that he is tired of his quest to find Merlin’s successor.

On the whole the pace of the movie was pretty good; although there were a few slow bits around the middle of the film. However, the car chase scenes were amazing, and I particularly loved when they crashed through the mirror.

Jay Baruchel as Dave the geeky physicist come sorcerer’s apprentice just did not quite cut it for me. Although, I cannot put my finger on why…! Nevertheless, he did come across as cute, sweet and socially awkward; but perhaps I felt that he came into his power too soon. The two most memorable scenes were the tribute to Fantasia with the mops and buckets, and using the Tesla Coils to create the OneRepublic song ‘Secrets’; just beautiful and romantic.

All in all it is an enjoyable, magical movie with a fun script and amazing special effects. Plus…Monica Bellucci is super-hot.
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Reviewer Anonymous
A combination of older famous faces and up-and-comers sees Jon Turtletaubs latest The Sorcerers Apprentice entertain audiences for two hours, with flash effects and a storyline that anyone can enjoy.

Whats it about?
Dave Stutler is no ordinary Manhattanite. He has great magical powers and is the chosen one to save the world from evil sorceress Morgana. One of Merlins original apprentices, Balthazar (Nicholas Cage) takes him under his wing and trains him in the art of sorcery.

Along the way, they encounter good-sorcerer-gone-bad, Maxim Horvath, who was one of Merlins chosen ones and also used to be Balthazars best friend. Horvath has gone to the dark side and plans to bring back Morgana so she can destroy the world as we know it, something Dave must stop.

While learning the art from Balthazar, Dave must struggle with what is his desire and what is his destiny as well as battle a group of evil sorcerers along the way.

The good
A film about magic is always going to be entertaining for people of all ages, there is no denying it. The Sorcerers Apprentice delivers an entertaining save the world or die adventure as well as a good romance between Baruchels character Dave and Becky, played by Teresa Palmer. The effects were stellar and there is one memorable moment involving tesla coils Dave had constructed and a One Republic song very romantic. Jay Baruchel is always a delight to watch as he is absolutely brilliant and loveable as the nerdy and socially awkward Dave. Alfred Molina is great as the evil Maxim Horvath, showing again how capable of an actor he is.

The awkward
Nicholas Cage as Balthazar is a tiny bit awkward to watch, with his long, fake hair and the pained look he has on his face the whole time. He does a decent job of the character that only has two emotions (angry and sad) and adds his own personal flair when casting spells. Its not Oscar-worthy but its decent.

Worth seeing?
Definitely a movie for the kids on a rainy weekend afternoon.
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