The Hangover Part III (R16)

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The Hangover Part III
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I can tell a good movie by one simple thing. I have a baby at home who is 11 months but has not quite worked out this sleeping thing yet so when those lights go down a hint of a bad movie and I am likely to be that guy snoring at a cinema near you!
I have had a great run of movies of late which came to an abrupt halt when watching Hangover 3. Number one was a ground breaking comedic genius which was excitedly followed by an average number 2. I was so confident that the final of the trio would be a cracker. I couldn't of been further away from the truth. The story line is very weak and seemed to just desperately be trying to get them to Vegas and let the magical city do the work but it's just to bad. Characters Alan and Chang barely make you laugh and they are the main characters to try and make the film.
the relationship between Alan and the new character ( the very funny Melissa McCarthy) is the only redeeming feature but they appear only briefly together as the film is waining to it's eventual conclusion.
So with my eyes closing the movie finally finishes and I am left bitter and cheated at having wasted a valuable date night.

NO more hangover movies please you have done enough damage to the classic first.
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