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The Hangover
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Reviewer Ben De Haan
I actually really enjoyed this - I don't normally find these kind of movies that funny but The Hangover is definitely worth watching.
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Reviewer Doody
Possibly the greatest movie ever made..possibly. Someone had to do it and they did.
The three main actors are hilarious in their own right-all bases are covered. The ringleader, the social retard, and the 'responsible' geek all have the ability to create a one liner or a moment in the movie that had me in stitches. Ive never watched the same movie at the cinemas until now.
The movie itself has the uncanny power of making me want to emulate the antics played out in the film, not unlike Wedding Crashers, Braveheart and more recently, Inglorious Basterds.
The soundtrack was exciting and the cameo appearances were classic. I was struggling to accept the ending and thought things were not quite concluded very well until the pictures during the credits. I left the cinema with tears in my eyes, with an undoubtedly eager and highly excitable anticipation for the next time i got on the beers with the boys.
Having a movie that involved the painful truths of a hangover, coupled with being able to live through the poor guys suffering on screen was simply awesome. I can see it being a firm favourite of mine for many years to come.
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