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The Book of Eli
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Reviewer chopah
Another solid performance by the man who is famous for not letting you down - Denzel!!

I thought the movie was well throughout and acted well for the most part, it built suspense and i enjoyed the slight twist at the end, however i thought where the movie fell down was the supporting cast, i thought they were poor - not much development of character or in some cases even acting ability.

Take away Denzel and the surprisingly believable Mila Kunis and i think this movie would have been a 1 star flop..

Worth a watch at least once, if your a Denzel fan in anyway you won'
t regret it.

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Reviewer chiefjustice
Thoroughly enjoyed The Book of Eli - fight scenes were great and Denzel Washington's acting was top notch. Only thing that bettered these elements was the stunning visuals/effects - exceptional cinematography on display with this film. Well recommended.
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Reviewer mattdeevee
The Book of Eli (Action/Drama)

Basic premise: Eli (Washington) must trek across a post-apocalyptic and cannibalistic America to deliver the last remaining copy of The Bible to a safe-haven.

Main cast: Denzel Washington, Gary Oldman, Mila Kunis (Forgetting Sarah Marshall)

What I wanted out of the film: I wanted to be entertained by a few good action sequences and a solid plot.

My rating: 3.5 Stars; I enjoyed this movie and would probably watch it again but didn’t really find it as gripping as it could have been. The cast was great and some of the cameos were entertaining, but after having seen another post-apocalyptic movie earlier this year, the storyline had lost a lot of its’ impact. There were a few clever twists and turns that I did not expect at all, but saying that there were weird events that occurred in the movie that did not make sense until the “twist” was revealed. Whilst that all sounds somewhat negative, the movie itself was solid and provided me with what I wanted. The plot developed well and the storyline was succinct, and I was most definitely entertained from start to finish. I think watching it again I will appreciate it a whole lot more and discover some of the minor details that I missed the first time I watched it.

Target audience/rating: Action film lovers/ 4 Stars

You’ll like this if you liked: The Road (with lots more action), Mad Max
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Reviewer teeandnela
Watched this recently over seas and love it..first time seeing Denzel Washington fighting like that..but well worth the watch and very interesting how much religion or having people believe in something is so powerful..
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Reviewer Lisa Graham68
I was excited to see this movie - as far as I'm concerned anything with Washington and Oldman in it is worth a look but the movie just didn't do it for me. A few good fight scenes and a small twist - nothing to get you're teeth into really.
Where they failed for me was that I didn''t really get the importance of the book from the movie - the small change that it seemed to bring forth in one of the characters just seemed so out of touch with what it was supposed to mean and how it should have made them feel.
Not my cup of tea but in saying that my favourite movie is What Dreams May Come so you do the math..
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