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Tamara Drewe
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Reviewer joey0045
I loved this movie! It was quirky and cute. I didn't like the drummer though, I thought he was a bad actor. A girly movie (apart from the bit when Tamara was climbing over the fence!) to be eaten with a block of Cadbury Mousse :)
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Reviewer NessLiddell
I really loved Tamara Drewe. It was a thoroughly enjoyable, funny and touching in places. It would definitely appeal to a wide-range of audiences.

The performances by the cast were extremely memorable. I particularly liked the different aspiring writers staying at the “writers” retreat at Beth (Tamsin Greig) and Nicholas’s (Roger Allam) farm. The scene at dinner where they overhear Beth and Nicholas’s conversation seems to switch between trying not to listen while also trying to find out what is going on. Even now I can still envisage Eustacia’s (Bronagh Gallagher) reaction.

Beth is fabulous and absolutely loveable as the selfless wife of her utterly repugnant husband Nicholas. Her performance was incredibly strong and completely convincing.

As for the two school girls Casey and Jody who are completely obsessed with rock star Ben’s (Dominic Cooper) band; they were FANTASTIC and unreservedly believable as two scary, obsessive, ‘boil-the-bunny’ 15 year olds. Even now I can remember back being a hormone-filled teenager and being obsessed with actors or band members. However, Jody takes it to a whole new level when Ben comes to town and starts up a relationship with Tamara (Gemma Arterton). Jody does some small things that have HUGE consequences without much thought (or care) to the trouble and pain that she is causing people around her. Actually, thinking back I can see the parallels between Jody and Tamara. Tamara as an adult comes across as quite self-centered and acts with little thought of the pain that she is causing to others.

The climax of the movie is huge with very few characters coming out unscathed. It makes you think about what you would do in the same circumstances. I have to say there was one scene near the end when where I cheered out loud when one character gets what they deserve.

It is a great movie for a good winter’s night. So make a hot chocolate and settle down for an hour and half of entertainment; it is worth it.
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Reviewer theTeacher
Please don't waste your time on watching Tamara Drewe - it is so far from being 'the best British movie in years' as some reviews have labelled it, it could only have been less funnier if it were Mr Bean!

Badly acted, crap storyline, boring, boring, boring!
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