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I was really looking forward to seeing Somewhere. I love the Fanning sisters and try and follow their work the best I can. I'd also heard this film was great and the reviews around the place were all telling me what an awesome movie this was.

Therefore when I finally got the chance to see it I was seriously disappointed.

While the acting is reasonably good, the story doesn't flow. It's very slow moving and at times can be hard to keep track of what's happening. There are numerous shots that are just held for far too long or are simply pointless. For example the two lead characters (played by Elle Fanning and Stephen Dorff) will drive somewhere and therefore the camera will follow their journey in the car along the motorway.

The end left me, and everyone else I was with looking around saying 'umm what just happened'. It doesn't have a clear ending and you have no idea of the resolution.

There is somewhat of a story, but the outcome is predictable from the start. The story doesn't REALLY get going until at least 40 minutes into the film and in the first half there is hardly any talking from the characters. You are left most of the movie wondering what the point of this film is.

I have to admit it did have it's moments, but overall I thought it really was waste of time. Perhaps it is one of those films that is trying to hard to be arty, or is so arty that most people aren't going to get it.

I'm glad I gave it a chance but i wouldn't recommend it to others.

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