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Review byTenani French28/09/2011

One out of Five stars
Running time: 91 minutes

Cheap looking 3D thriller that fails to be so-bad-it’s-good and just ends up being plain bad. Be warned, this is 91 minutes of your life you'll never get back.

Whats it about?

A group of teenagers take a trip to a friend’s lake house on a secluded private island only to discover the lake is home to different types of man-eating sharks. When one of them gets attacked by a shark it is a race against time to get medical help for them, escape the island and uncover the truth about how the sharks got into a lake.

The Bad
The acting is sub-par, although to be fair an actor would have had a horrible time trying to make something of the mincemeat of an excuse for a script. The plot was filled with holes and simply trod on instead of explaining any of the questions thrown up as the story unfolded. Worst of all is that for a movie sold on it’s gory 3D-ness, the 3D effect was distracting and as badly executed as the special effects. The film seems to have been forcibly neutered so don’t go in expecting nudity or more than a quick flash of the death scenes. Essentially everything you would hope a movie like this would contain is absent.

The Worst
While the movie is obviously not going to provide thought provoking cinema it doesn’t even deliver the kind of dumb fun you would expect from a film as creatively named as Shark Night 3D. 2010’s Piranha 3D should have been the template for this attempt at a shark equivalent but instead of being sexy, gory and self-deprecating you literally find yourself waiting for it to end.

Worth Seeing?
In short Shark Night 3D is a disaster from start to finish. You just keep hoping for some kick-ass death scenes but they never really come, it’s not nearly funny enough, gory enough or sexy enough to be worth your time.

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Shark Night 3D (R16)
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