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Review byMatthew Turner18/10/2000

If ever there was a part made for an actor this is it. Samuel L Jackson is more Shafty than Shaft himself and he sure can dig’ it!.

In this the millennium version of the much loved original he plays John Shaft, nephew of the original Richard Rowntree character.

After handing in his badge, Shaft goes on a one man rampage through the streets after a young racist killer is released back on to the streets (played by a sneering but delectable Christian Bale) to do more damage.

Luckily Isaac Hayes famous theme tune still takes pride of place and Singleton has stayed faithful to the whole feel of Shaft.

But sadly like so many new versions of old classics it lacks that certain oomph.

Worth seeing for Samuel L Jackson - but his top notch performance is let down by a weak storyline which tails off in too many insipid directions.

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Shaft (2001)
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