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Review byMatthew Turner17/10/2000

What is it with the American film industry and all these military court room drama films?

Have they not realised yet that the only reason A few Good Men was so popular was the fact that Nicholson was inspired and out acted the rest of the cast fifty times over, creating one of the nastiest bar-stewards in the history of film?

Apparently not! This time it’s Samuel L Jackson, as the highly decorated and much respected Col Terry Childers, who’s in trouble after taking the controversial decision to fire on a crowd of women and children attacking the American Embassy in the Middle East. He is then court marshalled by the American army desperate to find a scapegoat and avoid an ‘incident’.

And there’s the rub – should you retaliate against gun brandishing women and children if they’re attacking you or should you avoid the inhumane? Not an easy one that’s for sure but as you’d expect the courtroom showdown makes big noise toward the fact that this was the AMERICAN embassy and these were AMERICANS under attack (god forbid!).

All in all a bit confused and focusing on one of those kinds of situations you’d rather not have to agonise over. Samuel L Jackson is his usual good, shouty-self though.

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Rules of Engagement
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