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Riddick returns in a third installment of his adventures. Less epic than #2 and less dark than #1.

On the whole, I liked this one - it's not the best film ever but it's a fairly enjoyable action flick. I liked the planet he was on, I liked the creatures (even though they were not that original), I liked the amount of humour and the amount of violence. I read somewhere prior to watching that it was overly-violent but I think that was a bit too harsh - I think the violence was not too self-indulgent, appropriate and over-the-top enough to get a few laughs which is always my preference.

Will not go into the plot - it's a fairly standard action film scenario that for me worked ok enough. It had a few really cheesy lines but most of the dialogue was within bounds as well.

Acting-wise, I find that the bodybuilder look on actors limits their choices and in general do not enjoy the films with the usual choices they do get. And, frankly, I just don't like the look :-). Vin Diesel, however, has a sense of humour and a strong personality which makes him surprisingly watchable. He carries stuff like this easily and pulls it off too.

But my personal favourite in this one is Katee Sackhoff. I loved her in Battlestar Galactica as well as other parts she's done over the years. Her characters are usually tough, complex and have more purpose to them than just looking pretty. Which she also does too, by the way:-). Very glad she made into the bigger Hollywood stuff - one of the very few women who I can watch with admiration.
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