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I found it hard to decide on a four and three star. It was an interesting film which kept me gripped throughout. For 99.9% of the time I couldn't understand how it was a prequel to Aliens until the twist which I obviously wont spoil. It was classic Ridley Scott and it does follow the same format as Aliens from Alien babies to non human characters within the exploration team.
The main problem for me was it wasn't Aliens, by which I mean I don't believe a film by this genre will ever beat Aliens it's a cult classic and it certainly won't be beaten by a movie which follows the exact same format. Saying that i enjoyed it and look forward to the next 2 installations which are apparently on the way.
Definitely worth a watch. I don't think it would be enhanced by 3D though.
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Reviewer GARRY190B
Looks good looking forward to see it!!!!
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