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Predictably disappointing. The plot is weak, the characters are very one-dimensional, the name is not justified and the music is robotic and highly annoying. This is not a good watch in any way or form.

The story utilises the usual Hollywood formula - an ambitious guy wants to get ahead and is willing to go to great lengths to do so. Or is he? I didn't really believe him that much. Liam Hemsworth seems to lack personality or conviction. Same with the actress who plays his love interest. Watching those two is like watching a brick wall. Only the wall is slightly more expressive and passionate.

As for the older crew - I'm generally not a big fan of Harrison Ford - he does films where is the moral uber-good guy and whatever they were trying to do here with him being this telecom mogul did not really work for me. And what is up with his hair?!

And now we come to the most painful part for me - Gary Oldman. I not ashamed admit I am biased when it comes to him. I admire him greatly and I tend to love him in anything even when I hate the film he's in. But even I must admit he was not doing much here. You get the nice suits, what apparently is his real accent and the blue eyes. He does some sinister smiling and the occasional fit but his heart's not in it.

He's been doing this for a while now - turning up for things like Book of Eli and Red Riding Hood and just going through the motions. He once said Hollywood does not know what to do with him - perhaps, he's right - maybe there's nothing more exciting out there for him. But I still go an see him every time anyway. Old habits die hard. And I loved the accent:-)

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