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Review byTenani French11/04/2011

Four out of Five stars
Running time: 84 mins

This hugely engrossing nature documentary about the world’s oceans is a feast for the eyes and as fascinating as they come.

What's it all about?
Directed by renowned documentary filmmaker Jacques Perrin Oceans explores the inhabitants of Earth’s five oceans in stunning detail and capturing footage never before seen on film. This is the third entry on Disney’s burgeoning Disneynature label following Earth and Crimson Wing: Mystery of the Flamingos and by far the most visually impressive. Costing around $90 million to produce this film is one of the most expensive nature documentaries ever made and took an incredible four years to film. As well as documenting a variety of sea-life the film reflects the need to respect nature and demonstrates the negative aspects of recent human activity on the ocean’s inhabitants.

The Good
Oceans is a monument in documentary making, the scale of the thing is breathtaking and the photography truly awesome. Pierce Brosnan narrates the pictures with his trademark gruffness and acts not so much as a distraction but a guide to the action on screen. There are moments of exceptional tenderness such as a walrus cuddling her baby, and also moments showing the brutal reality of life in the wild. The shots showing the filmmakers swimming alongside a great white shark or dwarfed by a humpback whale are more than awe-inspiring, they illustrate poignantly the massive undertaking that making the film was.

The Great
The real power of this film comes in the form of its stunning visuals. While the narration is helpful to explain to some of the younger audience members what is happening on screen, the film appropriately knows when not to feature it, and it is these times when the film hits its stride. Needing only to rely on the beautiful images to tell such a humbling story, this is one of few films able to have extended lengths without dialogue and still be interesting.

The only issue I could bring is the pacing, the film seemed to jump around frequently, never hovering on any creature or situation for too long. However this faced paced introduction to The Big Blue may be the charming, unforgiving quality that sets this film apart.

Worth seeing?
Highly recommended, Oceans is simply breathtaking. The unbelievable photography will be watched for generations as we all ponder our role in the protection of such a fantastic natural wonder.

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Oceans (G)
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