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I unexpectedly really enjoyed this movie! One of those ones where you spend the entire time trying to work out how they've done it and what the connection is between the characters. Cleverly done.
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Reviewer Julie King584
I actually enjoyed this movie but it was a bit predictable. I felt it moved too quick in the end. The ending was a dissapointment. Still was an enjoyable movie
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There is magic to be found here - must be a mass hypnosis trick in the trailer - as I still have no clue what it was that possessed me to actually go and see it in the first place.

The trailer looked very CGI-heavy and, frankly, mediocre. Not keen on most of the actors. Well, apart from the obligatory respect for Morgan Freeman and the acceptance of the fact that Woody Harrelson is usually fun. And Michael Cane is, of course, legendary. Why was he even in this?

Not sure what brought me to the cinema. Maybe I needed a break from the International Film Fest that's now in its second and final week. Or maybe Monday is not good for logical, rational decisions.

In any case, there were no surprises here. The plot was given away way too early for it to be a massive revelation at the end. A mildly amusing watch but no more.

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