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Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation
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Reviewer melvin
Meet my expectations a good action packed movie with a plot that made sense. Could not help feel like it was missing something at the end unless it was allowing for a sequel.
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I'm not a big Tom Cruise fan but I do love the MI franchise. I still stand by my favourite being MI2 though - with the Metallica soundtrack, Spanish flamenco and the Sydney opera house it's the brightest of all of them. 
The latest installment is still great too - stunning Vienna opera, the beautiful Casablanca, London and other scenic locations are used as backdrops for this one. As usual it's action packed with chases, fights, acrobatics and truly impossible stunts as Ethan Hunt and co try to bring down a clandestine organisation of presumed dead rogue agents called the Syndicate while being hunted themselves by the CIA. 
Both Simon Peg and Ving Rhames provide some comic relief, Jeremy Renner is in his element here and even Alec Baldwin is less annoying than usual. Sean Harris is fantastic - glad to see this British tv actor on the big screen. He has a brilliant performance of the late Ian Curtis and a terrifying psychopath in Ashes to Ashes under his belt - loved him in both and noted to look out for him in future.
In a nutshell - definitely recommend it. Good action without the gorefest, scenic film locations and a decent script.
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