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Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol
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Reviewer NessLiddell
I really enjoyed Mission Impossible. I am not a fan of Tom Cruise but I LOVE Simon Pegg and Jeremy Renner; so I would not have missed this movie for the world.

It was a very good action blockbuster however for me it was the witty dialogue between the characters that really made it a movie worth watching. I am ashamed to admit that there was a moment near the end of the movie that I laughed and snorted. There were some absolutely priceless moments between Pegg and Cruise.

While I am accustomed to Cruise doing action movies, he does comedy quite well. I think the last movie I saw with him was Knight and Day and he was quite quirky and funny in that.

The scenes in Dubai where incredible; and it even gave me a bit of vertigo. I can quite honestly say that Cruise can still “cut it” in action sequences.

It still drives me crazy that there are a lot of predictable elements in these movies; so little surprizes me. Perhaps it’s because some movies just follow a particular format. In saying that, the movie was still really entertaining and I definitely enjoyed it.

I would recommend seeing it on the big screen as it definitely does the movie justice.
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Reviewer Ben De Haan
Definitely worth seeing - great action, fast paced and not too unrealistic like previous ones. Simon Peggy is great as well Tom Cruise.
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Reviewer PipBarling
Good to see the little Mr Cruise back on top form. MI4 is definitely worth watching as it has lost a lot of the cheesiness with great quality stunts and special effects but still retains a little humour.
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