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Margin Call
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Reviewer Moose
I fully agree with the View Auckland Reviewer's sentiments...thoroughly enjoyable! I had just watched Inside Job a few days before seeing Margin Call, and it was cool to see a dramatized portrayal already having some insights into what sparked the whole global financial crises. Jeremy Irons is awesome, as usual. Great showing of the corporate world, business structures and management etc. A solid 4 stars and would definitely recommend.

If I had to be picky the only two negatives for me were real trainspotting issues...1) late at night when they show the stock brokers room full of computers with generic "sharemarket graphs and forecasts and figures etc" on the screens I thought..."yeah right, as if they don't have screen locks and sceensavers" 2. a couple of times it was obvious the movie makers were trying to illustrate the salaries that the Wall St bigwigs were earning, and did this in quite a contrived way with a thread of discussions between the youngest characters about "what they earned and what they thought their bosses earned". Apart from those minor things, which both made me smile wryly and made me feel superior about my amazingly analytical film critiquing ability...this movie is a very good watch, and I recommend watching Inside Job too, both movies sit really well together.

Solid 4 Stars, see it!
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Reviewer Trimlatte
Margin Call has to be one of the films of the year. Cast were terrific ans some really hard hitting scenes throughout- keep an eye out for the lift scene!
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