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Mad Max: Fury Road 3D
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Reviewer Kerry Smith
Mad Max: Fury Road, but is it? Sorry George Miller but this isn't a movie about Max so your title is misleading. Yes, it features weird vehicles only Miller could dream up and then turn into actual vehicles. Yes, it features said vehicles at speed and in big crashes. Yes, it's set in the post apocalyptic wasteland. And yes, you see Max driving the iconic Interceptor - just! That's because the focus of the movie isn't Max and the car but on a bigger vehicle driven by a woman. In fact, you hardly see Max driving anything. So Mad Max movie it ain't. I mean, Charlize isn't going to play second fiddle to anyone and she doesn't in this movie. A better title would have been Mad Maxine: Fury Road. Heaps of action and a basic feel good story line (the closer you get to the end the more of the story you understand) make it a good watch. But not if you are a fan of the original Mad Max movies and you're looking for Tom Hardy to drive the Inceptor all over the place taking out bad guys. He and the car are rarely seen together, but you do get Hardy taking out the bad guys. Oh, they also saved on the script. The hard talking Mel Gibson version of Max is replaced by one who grunts thru' the first half of the movie before you find that he can actually speak full words. So I'd give it a 5 for all of the action but then deduct points for Miller cheating on the story and not actually making a Mad Max movie.
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