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Reviewer NessLiddell
Lincoln is not a movie that I would have picked to watch myself probably because it is about politics.

It was a brilliant movie and Daniel Day-Lewis was absolutely outstanding as Lincoln.

Because we studied New Zealand history at school I really was not familiar with American history and the passing of the thirteenth amendment to outlaw slavery. I found the movie fascinating, informative and insightful about an obviously rocky time in American politics.

Sally Field is absolutely brilliant as Lincoln’s wife Mary. We gain valuable insight into both Lincolns Political/Professional side while also gaining an understanding of his very sad personal life (death their children).

I did feel it was really long and felt my attention waning in some parts of the movie. It is probably best to watch it on DVD so that you can have breaks and really concentrate on everything that is being said and everything that is going on.

It is definitely worth watching for marvellous performances and well-written storyline. It definitely made me want to find out more about this time in America’s history.
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Reviewer Coral
I agree with Mathew Turner, that Daniel Day Lewis makes a good Lincoln. And if I was American, perhaps I would like the film more.
But it was too long, some parts were sooooo slow - and although I get it, that's the way Lincoln was - it's just really uncomfortable sitting for so long in the movie theatre.
The man sitting next to me on my right - fell asleep. His snores were more fast paced and action packed than this film. And unfortunately I became more fascinated with this man...which side he may fall and hoping it wouldn't be on me!
If you haven't seen it yet - wait till it comes out on DVD. That way you can pause it, go and make a cuppa, have a stretch and go to the loo, and then maybe it wouldn't seem so long and....boring.
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