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Reviewer Louie
Loved Limitless from start to end! Well acted and an excellent story. I haven't seen such an enjoyable movie in a long time.
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Reviewer cynthiam
Fantastic film - hadnt really wanted to go but my partner dragged me along today and we both thoroughly enjoyed it...had us questioning what we'd do in the same situation. Limitless is very good!
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Reviewer NessLiddell
Firstly, I did not hate it. But I did not love it either. I am wavering somewhere in between hate and love.

It had a stellar cast and the potential to be an amazing film, but I left feeling a bit blasé about the whole thing. Perhaps it was the fact that the movie seemed to flow, but have no discernable highpoint. Then the ending left me wanting more.

Even now I cannot really decide how I truly feel about it. Was it enjoyable? Yes it was. Did the director/write transport me into Eddie Mora’s world? Yes. Did it make me think about things after the movie? Yes.

There were some scenes where I felt as though I was on some sort of mind altering drug and I expect that this was to parallel the effect of the drug on Mora’s feelings/state of mind. I felt that I was seeing the world the way that Mora was seeing it.

Cooper also transitioned easily between someone with no direction; to someone with a very clear direction.

At the end of the day perhaps the director just tried to weave too much into the story rather than fully developing the main story-lines in a more concise way. At the end of the movie I was able to piece together where characters slotted in whereas I struggled to do this during the film. Perhaps the visual extravaganza held my attention more than the story?
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Reviewer chalkie
I can't go past Bradley Cooper & he was great (and of course very handsome) in Limitless!
I wasn't sure what to expect but really enjoyed it - and thankfully the ending was very different to what I thought would happen!
Robert De Niro should have been in the movie more - but it I liked the fast pace of the movie & really enjoyed it.
Hooked from start to finish & also appreciated the nice bum shoots of Bradley!!!
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Reviewer tactilefog
An interesting movie with an interesting plot it poses some good questions and is as much about how the audience would deal with the situations as it is about how the characters do. I think in the end the film got lost in its own fluff but not a bad couple of ours spent. Limitless.
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