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Reviewer samg118
When a movie comes out it often divides an audience to those who love the intellectual debate going on in their heads, and those who just want to sit and see, not think. When it’s a movie about love however, no one watching is going to stop thinking.

‘Like Crazy’ begins right at the start of a relationship where Anna (Felicity Jones) a British exchange student is studying abroad in Los Angeles and Jacob (Anton Yelchin) is her tutor. We see shy glances across the classroom, awkward silences on the first date and of course, the first kiss. The story moves on to meeting the parents, a whole summer in bed together (leading to Anna over-staying her student visa), deciding what to do with their future when Anna has to go back home, the obvious possibility of a long distance relationship and ultimately trying to overcome many other obstacles that all relationships come across.

As the film was largely improvised we aren’t subjected to the usual clichéd Hollywood story-lines of boy meets girl. We feel we are watching two people going through the real process of falling and then trying to stay in love.

Felicity Jones is definitely a star on the rise. Every inflection in her voice, expression on her face felt completely genuine. Anton Yelchin plays Jacob with a shy charm that is both endearing and believable.

For those wanting a real and fresh look in to a relationship, those in love, those fallen out of love or even you cynics out there, I highly recommend this movie.
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