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Jersey Boys
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Nice but for an older audience. This isn't a movie that would've jumped off the page for me - but was offered a free ticket. The music is enjoyable and full of songs I recognised (and even brought back a few memories). The story line followed different character's perspectives which I enjoyed - however I've never been one to like character's talking directly to the camera and sadly this had quite a bit of it..... I think ideally this would be a great movie for those around the 50+ age group.
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A fun night out but I wouldn't rave about it. in fact, if you've been to the musical and loved it you may find this a little disappointing. There are lots of lines from the show and of course the great music, but somehow it just doesn't come across as well on the screen. It was quite drawn out in the middle section and probably could have been slightly shorter.
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Story of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. Well produced, well directed and written well enough. 
It was entertaining but not a masterpiece. There was live singing in it which left me and my companion wondering for a good portion of the beginning of the film what was in fact the big deal about Frankie's voice. It did get significantly better as the film progressed but it was not as genius as everyone kept claiming. But that's not what put me off in the end.
There seems to be more and more 'period pieces' these days dating to sometime last - Mad Men, from what I hear, being a good example - where under the cover of historical accuracy sexism blossoms in its full unblemished glory. Great opportunity for mysoginists to have their outlet from the political correctness. 
Unfortunately, Jersey Boys is no exception - sexism is just a bit too self-indulgent to be just for the sakes of reflecting the times. So however remarkable the songs, how cool I think Walken is or how good Doyle was and whatever the story this just killed it for me. I guess I'm hyper- sensitive - my mate's a woman and she liked the film. But hey - my review, my rating. And it's a 3/5.
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