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Iron Man 2
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Reviewer citykid
Watched Iron Man 2 on DVD last night and thought it was awesome. Mickey Rourke was great but I thought Samuel L was a bit of over-indulgence...infact their were so many stars whose roles were under-utilised...looking forward to Iron Man 3!
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Reviewer mattdeevee
Iron Man 2 (Action/Comic Book)

Basic premise: Six months after Tony Stark (Downey Jr.) announced to the world that he is Iron Man, his reckless lifestyle catches up to him as (and as all bad things come in threes) 1) his life-source begins to poison him, 2) the US Government attempts to force him to hand over the Iron Man suit, and 3) an underclass Russian criminal Ivan Vanko (Rourke) attempts to publicly humiliate him (not to mention kill him).

What I wanted out of the film: Being a fan of the first movie I was expecting a quirky script, fun action sequences and a solid action movie.

My rating: 4.5 Stars; Once again, Jon Favreau delivers a fantastic movie incarnation from the much loved comic book series of the same name. Iron Man 2 was a great action movie and was entertaining from start to finish; with a quirky script from Justin Theroux (Tropic Thunder) and an all-round fantastic cast. Downey Jr. and Rourke’s career comebacks are now most definitely cemented in place and they will be providing great movie entertainment for years to come (and might I add how glad I am for it too as they are brilliant actors). It was also great to see Johannson in an action role and she definitely kicks butt in a leather cat-suit! Rockwell was very believable as an arrogant prat who never quite lived up to the glory he imagined for himself, whilst Paltrow’s character finally grew a pair of balls and she wasn’t as much of the wall flower she was in the first movie. Cheadle did well coming into a role once owned by Terrence Howard and in fact I prefer him in the role as he has more of a comedic charm than Howard. The numerous action sequences were fun and energetic, although the final action sequence was an anti-climax and left me wanting more.

Target audience/rating: General audience & comic book movie lovers/ 4 Stars

You’ll like this if you liked: Iron Man, The Dark Knight, Comic Book Movies

***Note: Stick around after the credits roll
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