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Identity Thief
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Reviewer NessLiddell
I actually read an article about Melissa McCarthy and how this role was tailored for her; apparently her character was meant to be a man originally. I love McCarthy and find her absolutely hilarious and while there were laughs throughout Identity Thief; it didn’t even come close to Bridesmaids.

Sometimes I wonder whether all the funniest parts of the movie go into the trailer.

At times the movie also felt a bit erratic and did not seem to flow as well as to be expected. Also, the addition of numerous other characters i.e. assassins and a bounty hunter just kind of split the focus somewhat and seemed a little unnecessary.

The chemistry between Jason Bateman and McCarthy throughout was fantastic and there were moments when I actually laughed out loud. The bit in the car with McCarthy singing? Priceless.

Possibly better as a DVD on a cold winter’s night vs. watching it at the movies.

Not the worst comedy I have seen but certainly not the best.
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Reviewer Moose
I have to agree with View's review...I can really only give this movie 2 stars I'm afraid.

I expected to at least have one or two belly-laughs in a comedy like this with Melissa McCarthy (like I did in Bridesmaids)....but sadly there was no belly laughing and in fact the laughs were pretty much non-existent altogether. I think I managed to raise a smile at one point, but all in all the comedy was a bit off the mark.

Plot was too unbelievable, but would have forgiven that if the acting and interplay between the main characters was funnier. Unfortunately it wasn't.

2 stars, give it a miss!
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