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I Am Number Four
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Reviewer NessLiddell
I really wanted to see ‘I Am Number 4’ when I saw the previews. Suffice to say; sometimes the previews showcase the best bits of the film.

I did enjoy it. Pretty boys. Pretty girls. Action. Explosions. What’s not to like. Something for everyone.

It was hard not to see the parallels between this movie and Superman and also Twilight. Personally, I think that they could have done a better job with the storyline. There were some parts that flowed okay, and then at the end there was a character that came back in and did something that left me wondering “what the heck”….a little blindsided.

I loved the dog and not knowing how he fitted in i.e. was he good or bad.

Enjoyed the action scenes although I think we are getting saturated with a lot of CGI stuff in films now; so the CGI teams really need to come up with different things.

Would I watch it again? Probably.

My advice; don’t trust aliens with bad teeth.
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Reviewer tactilefog
A near perfect teen action sci-fi flick with enough attractive characters and explosions to keep the guys happy, and enough sappy love stuff to keep the girls happy. I was pleasantly surprised by I Am Number Four.
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