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Green Zone
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Reviewer PipBarling
Watched Green Zone on DVD last night and agreed with your movie review - it was enjoyable but lacked a little punch. Not ad good as The Hurt Locker and not as fast paced as the Bourne movies but still recommended!
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Reviewer glasshalffull
I actually didn't mind Green Zone at all - maybe all the 3d films of late have helped prepare me for this film that both your reviewer and the user review didn't appreciate.
There were a few shots where you couldn't help but be in awe of the scale of the invasion - just ludicrous!
Well worth a look - get Green Zone out of DVD!
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Reviewer Jess Cann
Green Zone, starring Matt Damon, is a bit of a flop. The storyline is choppy, the camera movements are just as choppy (which actually made me feel quite sick) and it really went nowhere. It was understandable that the film was trying to pass comment on the war in Iraq, but I just think the storyline was way too convoluted to even be understood.

Don't pay to see this movie. Luckily I had a free ticket (& free food) so I wasn't upset about having to pay to see this crap.
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