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Green Lantern
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Reviewer tactilefog
This should have been so much more. Maybe if they focused on the story as much as they did on the effects the audience would actually give a poo about what happens. Unfortunately they didn't and as a result no one really cared whether the guy won or lost.
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Reviewer NessLiddell
I was really looking forward to seeing Green Lantern. However, I was really disappointed. This is the second movie this year that I have really wanted to see and have been let down; the first was I Am Number 4.

I guess it was entertaining enough, but I think that it was let down immensely by an extremely average storyline. It felt long and in places a little ‘chopped up’ where multiple storylines were trying to be pulled together especially near the end.

A bad sign is laughing at the bits that were meant to be serious. The saving grace for me was that Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are pretty cute and nice to look at and there were a few good action sequences.

Despite being repulsive I think that Peter Sarsgaard did an outstanding job as Hector. As the movie progressed I shuddered every time I saw him. Also, I really enjoyed seeing Taika Waititi cast in this movie and he had an amazingly funny line where I laughed out loud “he proposed to you” after Hal shows him the green lantern ring.

I hope the sequel is better!

If you want to see the Green Hornet then wait until it comes out on DVD.
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