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Had very low expectations going to this one. Firstly, I like Irvine Welsh in general but he does tend to have one or two REALLY repulsive scenes per book so you never know whether that will be shown in the film. Secondly, I'm never sure about James McAvoy. Especially after seeing Trance. 
But I was very pleasantly surprised which does not happen often;-). None of the repulsive scenes happened, for one. Although, I'm not entirely sure I was not thinking more of the novel Glue of which I can only recall the name. 

And James McAvoy was absolutely superb. I totally believed him around three minutes into it and was actually frustrated every time he was not on screen which was actually less that 1% of the time, or so it seemed. A very demanding part with constant swaying between rage, sadness, lust, pain and ambition while drinking, drugging, lying, having sex and attempting to maintain a job as a police officer sometimes near enough all at the same time! A stunning performance that totally blew me away. In fact, this is one of the best I have ever seen - up there with Gary Oldman in Leon. Highly recommend seeing him in this - best part of his career so far and not sure if and/ or how he can ever top this. Jamie Bell, Eddie Marsan, Shirley Henderson and Jim Broadbent are also all in it as well and I'm sure they were good but I didn't really notice them much.

The film is very entertaining but not for the faint- hearted;-). And don't expect political correctness. But I think they really toned down the swearing - by which I mean they lost the c-word which is usually every second word in a Welsh book. Basically, if you like Welsh's offensive language and crazy sense of humour you're likely to enjoy this. Otherwise, you have been warned :-)
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