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Exodus: Gods and Kings
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Surprisingly found this film more enjoyable than I expected. Initially just thought that only purely special effects appreciation might take place but the plot seemed more or less inoffensive with no religious dogma, taking sides or any other strong opinions shoved at the audience.

I doubt it was historically (or rather biblically?) accurate but seemed to take the factual events approach and to almost attempt to explain biblical events through science. But again whichever way you lean on this you can see what you want in this film as it does not really insist on anything.

Acting is not really important here as this is more a visual epic but I want to say that once again Ben Mendelsohn is superb but does not get enough screen time. Everyone else does the usual and no one really stands out in any way.

So if you like the genre and are inclined to see it I recommend seeing it on the big screen as it will lose most of its appeal if you watch it on DVD.
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Reviewer Kerry Smith
Epic? If epic means Cleopatra, Lawrence of Arabia or Bridge Over The River Kwai then the answer is no. Ridley Scott fails in his effort to make an epic like those of the past. I wouldn't even rate it as good as it's predecessor The Ten Commandments. The story is a twist on the one many of us were taught as children and appears tedious. Scott applies his own interpretation of the various plagues and their causes and this starts to feel tiresome against the story most know. I wouldn't rate Christian Bale's version of Moses over Charlton Heston's version. Heston carried more authority, was more dramatic. Bale portrays Moses as part militant, part misguided, part confused. He's most likely a victim of his director's wants. Likewise Scott's portrayal of God carries no authority and leaves the audience as confused as Moses. The crossing of the Red Sea is likewise devoid of God's authority as depicted by Heston in The Ten Commandments. Instead a somewhat confused Moses orders more confused Hebrews to cross. Unexplained is how the to main protagonists survive the tumult of water while apparently in the middle of the Red Sea and Ramses is wearing armour. Also confusing is seeing the water rush against stone cliffs beside the Hebrews only for the Hebrews to be then see on a sandy beach. In a similar vein, Moses receiving the Commandments and being told he will not see Canaan appears rushed as if Scott ran out of time or didn't want to make a three hour movie. The music is epic, loud to match prominent parts of the movie. But overall, just an average watch. Probably explains the snoring I heard behind me.
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