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Every Jack Has A Jill
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Reviewer mattdeevee
Every Jack Has A Jill (Romance/Comedy/Drama)

Basic premise: A (recently split) American man holidaying in Paris loses his bag at the airport. A (social-phobic) French woman is incorrectly given the bag and falls in love with his belongings; so sets out to find him before he leaves Paris.

Main cast: Mélanie Laurent (Inglorious Basterds), Justin Bartha (The Hangover, National Treasure), Billy Boyd (Lord of The Rings).
What I wanted out of the film: I wanted to watch a love-story that, like most movie love-stories, was too good to be true and completely heartwarming.

My rating: 4 Stars; This was a solid romantic comedy-drama and whilst the story was not entirely unpredictable there were a few good twists and turns that kept it interesting from start to finish. It came across, from the opening credit font to the quirky music, as France’s answer to (500) Days of Summer; yet the strong French storyline added that brilliant foreign element which played as the third character (often involved in romance), uncertainty. Mélanie and Justin were fantastic - both in completely different roles from what they are most well known for – and their chemistry was both awkward yet completely realistic and heartwarming. Oh and for once, a movie set in Paris did not attempt to sell Paris as a romantic destination; it was merely the location in which the movie was set!

Target audience/rating: Fans of love stories and foreign films/3.5-4 Stars

You’ll like this if you liked: (500) Days Of Summer, The Notebook
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