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Reviewer bluelady
if you've read the book this film would leave you feeling very disappointed. The characters are wooden-2 dimensional (Harrison Ford and Ben Kingsley are definitely past their best) , the dialogue is simplistic and the story line just doesn't keep your attention. Even the special effects were nothing out of the ordinary. In fact I had a hard time stopping myself from falling asleep in the middle of this movie. Yes it does have a thought provoking premise but it wouldn't want to make me read the book. I have read the book and it is so much better than the movie. I think the main problem of this movie is that it doesn't know what its target audience. It tries to pander to a wide audience but misses its target. Movies are expensive so there are others I'd recommend before seeing this one. I'd recommend that you wait till this movie comes out on DVD
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A lot of the things mentioned in the View review are quite fair - for one, it is too simple script-wise. Have not read the book but people who have mentioned quite a few things that could have been weaved into the story or at least mentioned. But film is always limited in the time so I guess some things just don't make it in. And in some cases more so than in others.

But on the whole I genuinely enjoyed the film anyway - I liked the acting, the interactions, the story and the imagery. The alien looked like it had feelings which is a pretty good achievement, I thought. And if you feel like a really good laugh there's always the oddity Ben Kingsley was trying to do with his accent - that was hilarious!:-)

I am inclined to recommend this rather than not - although it is not the greatest film in the world and, obviously, is no substitute for the book but these days not too many people read (unfortunately, myself included) so if it gets more people curious and drives them to seek out the book or it least to think about the moral dilemmas the film poses and the values it promotes, then its existence is totally justified.
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