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Dracula Untold
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A surprisingly dull film of what could have been great. Prince Vlad's realm is threatened by the Turks and he's willing to go pretty far to protect his family and kingdom. So he makes a deal with the devil - well, a super old evil that dwells in a local mountain. How badly can this go wrong? Well, REALLY badly, it turns out.

Somehow not much in this film seems right. The cinematography is not the best, for starters. All the shots look second rate and weak rip offs of Lord of the Rings. There's a swarm of bats which also manages to avoid being in any way impressive. The lighting is wrong, the composition is average and the great costumes and makeup don't save this at all. I'm not sure how they even got enough shots to scrape up a decent trailer.

Up next - the writing which is simply dreadful and probably the worst thing in the film. There's one honest line which makes you laugh. And that's the most insignificant thing said in the whole film. Everything else is either fake, pretentious or cheesy or a combination of all of the above. Also, the plot carries on although frankly the story already feels like it's over 15 minutes before the actual finish line. It's too long even for 93 minutes. The editing did nothing for this either - could have done with quicker pacing.

And last but certainly not least - the casting. I find Evans attractive but he did not pull this part off at all. Partly it's the writing but I think in addition he generally lacks personality for something like this. Cooper is completely miscast - he looks way too modern for the time period. And the lead actress whose name I have already forgotten has no distinctive features or characteristics whatsoever. Charles Dance was cool but he was not in it enough. And as for the ensemble as a whole - none of them have any chemistry with each other. People acting with a green screen for a partner sometimes do much better chemistry-wise.

To sum up, rather sadly, this tale should have remained untold.
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