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Django Unchained
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Quintessentially Tarantino.

This movie truely is a melding of wild west and everything that we have come to love and expect from director Quentin Tarantino.
It holds no punches, has brilliant dialogue and cinematography, and is extremely well polished.

The story of Django is the freeing of a slave and his fight to save the woman he loves but the movie itself is so much more than that.
As with most Tarantino movies, the dialogue is witty and extremely intelligent with a dark humour mixed in.

If you've not seen a movie directed by Quentin Tarantino, then this is a must watch. If you have seen his movies, then this is a no brain-er.

Go see it if you love action, gore, dark humour, intelligent dialogue, and a feel captured by no other director.

4/5 Stars - Brilliant
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Absolutely superb!

This movie is classic Tarantino, with its smattering of black humour, cinematography and splatter. It would be safe to assume that if you are a Tarantino fan, you will find this film agreeable.

The high points for me were the opening scene, where we are straight away introduced to the brutal slave trade theme, which was to play a heavy part throughout the epic and the main character, played by the superb actor Christoph Waltz, who successfully turns the grave scene in to something quite slapstick.

The introduction of Samuel L Jackson's character was another high point for me, with his initial opening scenes and ferocity portrayed with such strength which made you straight away realise that this was a character, not to be toyed with.

Jamie Foxx and his leading lady were also brilliant.

The only low point, would be the length of this film and think that it could have ended around 20minutes before it actually did.

Shocking and violent, bloody yet hilarious, I would highly recommend this film and once again can not wait for Tarantino's next gift to the movie-viewing world.
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