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Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes
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Reviewer Kerry Smith
The follow up to Rise of the Planet of the Apes features some familiar faces (Gary Oldham, Keri Russell, Enrique Murciano) and on the face of it, a pretty good story. But when one considers that outside zoos and reserves apes struggle to live past 40 years you have to wonder how Caesar and his friends live so long that San Francisco became overgrown? And on top of sign language and basic speech the apes can now build and are able to use automatic weapons? Sure pull the trigger and they fire but the apes can open boxes of weapons, flick of the safety catch off and then pull the trigger? Many humans don't know how to do that, they have to be taught. Let alone the unlimited supply of bullets or do apes know how to reload?

So, slick acting by the king of motion capture, Andy Serkis and support from some known names. But the story is not that great, it does come with an underlying moral, but it's really just above average. I didn't find it better than it's predecessor.
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I was quite surprised by how good the first part was and even more so with the latest instalment. Not a single dull moment, tense, well-written and some really amazing shots.
Such a large number of apes swinging through the forest is not something you will ever get to see in real life and what was even more interesting is to listen to the sound that makes:-). 

The acting is great and the characters are very believable. I (probably unfairly) always expect something superhuman from Gary Oldman and am always a bit disappointed when he just plays human however good he is at that. The whole team works together solidly so no real complaints.

This film carries a very powerful message and encompasses the nature of conflicts in a nutshell. The confrontation and its causes are very believable - it all stems from fear and the following lack of trust, agendas, egos and politics - sadly, all too familiar and the inevitable result of all of the above is tragic.

The great thing about the film is that the way the story is told permits you to more or less remain objective throughout as you see both camps and do not feel pressured into choosing sides. That's when you see how meaningless the power struggle is and how many lives are wasted.

Very timely release and I think everyone should see it. Highly recommended. 
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