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Jon Favreau's "Chef" is a delectable take on an out-of-work Chef who experiences career rejuvenation when traveling cross-country serving Cuban entrees on a food truck.

When master chef Carl Casper (Favreau) walks out of a popular LA restaurant (Dustin Hoffman owns) for requesting to stir up the fixed menu for a disapproving food critic, he finds himself at a crossroads. After a video capturing Carl lashing out at the critic goes viral, it becomes nearly impossible to get a new gig. Down on his luck, Carl agrees to head to Miami with his 11-year-old son, Percy.

Once in Miami, he meets with Inez's rich ex-husband, Marvin, played by Robert Downey Jr. in a hilariously shameless standout
performance. Marvin takes pity on Carl and offers him a food truck.

Longtime pal and grill chef Martin joins Carl in Miami to help cook meals from their childhood as they embark on a cross-country trip — with Percy in tow — back to LA. Martin fixes up the truck. "My cousin knows a guy" becomes his signature line, as he returns with a pimped-up truck displaying ‘El Jefe Cubanos" signs.

With the Cuban sandwich as their signature dish, they stop in places like New Orleans and Austin, Texas, adding their own flair to local dishes. Baffled when the line outside of their food truck continues to grow at each stop, Carl discovers Percy has taken to Twitter and Facebook — social media tools foreign to his dad — to broadcast their whereabouts. It's a key element of their bonding. (I’d suspect this is a great advertising campaign for Twitter).

Back in LA among the food trucks that populate trendy Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice, "Chef" wraps up a little abrupt and disappointing. I was hoping to see him cook some of those amazing dishes he experimented in his own kitchen but alas I will have to leave that to my imagination. However I still enjoyed the movie and recommend getting along and seeing it for the brilliant comedy and tantilising food porn.
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