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Reviewer smc
Our family are big Pixar fans and we were looking forward to Brave. . .but, what were Pixar thinking. . .parts of this film are terrifying and violent! My 8 year old is still having trouble sleeping 2 days after seeing their latest film!
The animation was the beautiful, high standard that we expected and the scenes with the blue 'wisps' in the woods were just enchanting, although the 'wisps' never really lead us to anywhere truly imaginative or magical, which was disappointing.
When I think of Brave I can't help thinking of The Edge, a film with Anthony Hopkins and a very scary bear; an entertaining, B grade, thriller for adults only. . .definitely not a childrens film. . .unless the child is totally desensitized. . .which I suppose is what will happen if they keep watching films like Brave!. . .
I thought PG stood for Parental Guidance, not Pretty Gruesome!!
Come on Pixar, you guys are much, much, much better than this!

Suzanne, from Dunedin.
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An enjoyable movie with some laugh-out-loud moments thanks to the character voiced by Billy Connolly.

Storyline's a typical one with a moral at the end. But on the overall, it was pretty good. Really liked the scenery.

I agree with one of the earlier reviewers. Some scenes were rather frightening as one of the kids in the theatre basically screeched and hid on the ground. I suggest preparing your child for potentially shock-scary moments.
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Reviewer deliveranz
Terrific film, stellar animation, well fleshed out characters that will be familiar to anyone with Scottish roots. My wife and I were chuckling throughout and my 4 year old son was entranced. He didn't find it scary but the are some quite intense scenes with bears and some younger members of the audience were a little bit traumatized by the sounds of it.
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Reviewer Ben De Haan
Some good splapstick comedy moments, but was a bit scary for our 5 & 6 year old so had to leave half way.
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Reviewer tactilefog
Let's hope Pixar recovers greatly after the atrocity that was Cars 2. I have faith.
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