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Boyhood is a very long movie (almost three hours) - but beautifully made and it was fascinating to watch Mason and his sister Samantha grow up. The relationship between the two siblings also often reminded me of mine with my younger brother over time. No real storyline but a movie true to life which I'm sure anyone could relate their own experiences to in some aspect.
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A feature film shot over 12 years telling a story of a family over that period of time. Basically, you get to watch the kids grow up before your eyes.
A simple but very moving film about normal people. No shooting, dead bodies, gore, white trash, zombies, ghettos, filthy rich, severe poverty. This is the America I remember from my childhood in Springfield, Virginia in the late 80s. Endless suburbs that look alike with pools, schools, playgrounds, tennis courts, shopping malls and woods with streams where you can walk, play, ride bikes. I'd love to see that place in Derby Court again some day. Funny, this is the only film I have ever seen to show that side of it. 
I think anyone will be able to relate to this - life with no glamourous add ons or props or costumes. So beautifully plain, quiet but full of pain, joy and growing up for all characters regardless of their age. An understated masterpiece.
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