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American Hustle certainly didn't live up to the awards hype for me - I found the 'hustle' difficult to follow but I tend to find this with movies depicting a complicated heist (eg. Ocean's 11 and the Italian Job). Loved Jennifer Lawrence in this film, worth seeing for her performance alone.
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Quite enjoyed this 70s styled crime flick. Would not go as far as nominate it for best picture of the year, but seems the Academy is of a different opinion:-).

The plot is entertaining enough yet at times predictable. Without giving too much away, can say there are multiple levels of conning of all sorts involved. The real mystery here really is why most of the men have horrible hair issues. Bizzarrio, indeed!

All the four leads are nominated for best and best supporting actors and actresses respectively and I can strongly agree on account of Mr. Bale, just agree on the ladies and violently disagree in case of Bradley Cooper, the weakest link in any film. He lacks personality and it shows even more when he is in something more serious than the Hangover films - out of his league, especially since he doesn't get to use his favourite 'skill' - the six-pack. Not that it usually helps much anyway. 

It's Christian Bale who really shines in this - fantastic character delivered perfectly. Unbelievable how charismatic, warm and genuine he can be that he makes you fall for it although you know all along that he is up to no good. A crook, but a crook with a heart. Magic! Best performance of his to date, in my opinion.

Amy Adams is consistently strong and wonderful throughout, but Jennifer Lawrence somehow manages a performance more memorable despite having less screen time and having shown less flesh. 

In general, a pleasant fun watch as long as your expectations are reasonable.
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